Thursday, November 11, 2010

Should I Practice Public Or Private Accounting

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy is one of the picked courses among college students. Many have chosen this field of study because it has a wide scope of availability in terms of future stable job with attach high rate of pay. Career opportunities in this course have two categories and these are Public and Private Accounting.
Professionals who worked for a particular Accounting Firm and worked for several clients are called Public Accountants. These kind of firms employ thousands of accountants because their services are offered from one-person operations to multinational organizations. Audit or tax is two paths where in a Public accountant is going to be. Auditors as you called for those in the audit practice strictly and carefully audit financial records and business transactions of a client. Accounting records that are reported by the companies are ensured by the auditors that those documents accurately abide with national accounting standards. Professionals who are in the tax practice provide services similar with that of an auditor but with a more focus specialization. Professionals who handles tax ensures that clients tax record are well documented and do follow the guidelines established by government taxing policies. Another role of a tax accountant is to help minimize the tax liability of a client.
On the other hand Private Accounting is more concern with internal accounting. This internal accounting is the accounting functions of the company. Corporate Accountants which is another name for private accountant performs the same duties as the Public accountant but this task are limited towards the companies that they are employed.
The distinction between Public and private Accounting is that Public is more involved with collecting external financial information's while Private is much inclined with the use of internal information's to aid managers in giving effective decisions.

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